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  • Why a FAQ section ?
    It is your first one experience abroad ? We understand that it is not easy to go to an unknown place, and that it is important to have answers to yours questions. This section "FAQ - Questions" is made to answer in detail to you questions.
  • What is the "Agency Fees" ?"
    We are a friendly organisation, who get in touch between an owner and a tenant. For this service, our "Agency Fees" is 1 month renting for the owner and 1 month renting for the tenant. For the tenant, the expenses of reservation (1 month of rent) are paid in two steps: - 50€ during the pre-reservation. - The rest during your arrival in the flat. Example: I am an Italian student and I wish to rent an accommodation at VALENCIA HOUSE. I wish to book the "Grey Bedroom" in #VALLS Flat. Bedroom Price : 260 €/months without charges. 1 - I select the accommodation which interests me on the site. 2 - I communicate to VALENCIA HOUSE the administrative documents (ID, Student card, ....) 3 - VALENCIA HOUSE gives me a positive answer under 48 hour. 4 - At once: I pay by bank transfer, 50 € of reservation. 5 - When I arrive in the apartment: I pay 210 € (the rest of expenses : 260€- 50€).
  • Equipments and Linen (Towels, Sheets) "
    All our flat are completely equipped. But we don't provide kitchen linen, towels, sheets and more globally, all the flat's linen.
  • Cleaning Service Information
    The cleaning service concerns only the common areas of the apartment (living room, kitchen and bathroom). This household is a help offered by the owner. He does not dispense the tenants, to realize the usual household, every week, in a fair way. If the tenants desire a private bedroom cleaning service rooms, they have to discuss it with the cleaning company and pay expenses relative to it.
  • How to book a Bedroom ?
    Two scenarios : - If you are abroad and that you cannot visit the apartment. 1 - To realize a remote reservation, you have to send us the usual administrative documents (ID card, studying card). 2 - In the same time, you have to send us a bank transfer to the amount of 50 euros. 3 - It will allow to reserve your bedroom. These 50 euros will afterward be deducted from fees of agency. - You are in Valencia and you want to realize a visit before reserving. 1 - You have to join one of the scheduled visits (Website/ Page/ "Scheduled Visits"). 2 - After the visit of the apartment, you send us by email, the list of the administrative documents. 3 - Our team studies your file. 4 - We send you an answer in maximum 48 hours. 5 - If we accept you file, you have to send us a bank transfer to the amount of 50 euros. It will allow to reserve your bedroom. These 50 euros will afterward be deducted from fees of agency.
  • Do couples pay extra?
    Yes. Couples must pay an extra 150 € per month for their stay.
  • What is the minimum length of a stay?
    Between September and May, the minimum duration is 4 months. Outside of these periods, we can study on a case-by-case basis.
  • Can I visit before I book a space?
    Unfortunately, we don’t offer onsite visits, only because we respect the privacy of those staying with us - we don’t want to disturb them. We offer you the possibility of viewing numerous apartments with realistic plans (2D and 3D). Some apartments also have an immersive video.
  • Are pets allowed?
    To make sure everyone has a comfortable and peaceful stay, unfortunately, your furry friends can’t stay with us.
  • Can I bring visitors to the space once I move in?
    Yes, it is possible to receive a guest temporarily (a few hours). However, two CUMULATIVE conditions are necessary: Obtain the owner's authorization and the prior authorization of the roommates. No guest will be allowed to stay more than two nights, without contractual regularization of accommodation.
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